Internet Explorer 9

internet-explorer-9-logoMicrosoft released Internet Explorer 9 on March 14, 2011. This upgrade to Microsoft’s in-built web browser comes for Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 editions. Various new features like support for new web standards, Hardware Acceleration, Better integration with Windows 7 have been added in this upgrade.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 – A Clean User Interface

The most notable change you can see is the cleaner user interface. The URL Box and tabs are all in one line. plus the status bar has been removed. So you get more space for your websites. The URL Box has been changed to a combination of URL and Search Boxes with Search Suggestions also. The Tabs are displayed in the same line, but you still have the option of displaying them in the second line. If you want tabs in a separate window just tear them off from the tabs bar and they change to a window.

Internet Explorer 9 Search

URL + Search Box with Suggestions

Internet Explorer 9 Tabs

Tabs in the Second Row

Internet Explorer 9 comes with better integration with Windows 7 features like the Taskbar Pinning and Jumplists. So now you can pin sites to the taskbar as a group. For example, you can drag all your social networking sites to a group.

Internet Explorer 9 Taskbar Pin

Facebook and Twitter icons pinned to the Taskbar

Internet Explorer 9 Jumplist

The Facebook Icon gives the above Jump List

A new Download Manager is in place with Pause/Resume and Security Features that detect malicious downloads.

Internet Explorer 9 Download Manager

Download Manager with Pause/Resume

The Browser will also from time to time alert you on the performance of the various add-ons, telling you which add-on maybe slowing down the browser’s performance.

Internet Explorer 9 Add-Ons Warning

Warning for the Add-ons

Internet Explorer 9 now has support for Hardware Accelerated HTML5, SVG, Geolocation, CSS3, DOM and ECMAScript5.

There is something for the developers too. The F12 Developers Tools can help the developers design their sites.

Internet Explorer 9 Developer Tools

The Developer Tools can be accessed by pressing F12

Microsoft has showcased all these features and some HTML5 sites on Beauty of the Web.
Another Demo for Hardware Acceleration is the FishIE Tank Demo.

So for all the Windows 7 users and developers too, it is a worthy upgrade.

Download Internet Explorer 9
Online Installer | Offline Installer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Website
Beauty of the Web
Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide (PDF)

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