Microsoft SysInternals Suite

Microsoft SysInternals Suite is a collection of 67 utilities for the Windows Operating System. It contains tools that can help in monitoring and analyzing various operations going on in the system.

It is useful particularly for Administrator level users who need to closely monitor various operations like Network Activity, Processes, Hard Disk Activity, Windows Registry, Startup Programs, etc..

Some of the widely used utilities from this collection are:

AutoRuns (For managing Startup Programs)
Process Explorer (A worthy replacement for the Windows Task Manager)
Process Monitor (An advanced monitoring tool for real-time File and Registry activity)
PageDefrag (Defragmentation Tool)
TcpView (Monitor all TCP and UDP Connections)
Desktops (Virtual Desktops Tool)

Complete list of all the utilities can be found HERE.
The total size for the Suite is merely 12.7 MB.

After Microsoft took over, these utilities can now be used live from the Sysinternals Live Website.

This Utility Suite is a Must-Have for all Windows Users as it help in getting to the bottom of many day to day problems faced on a Windows System. I will make separate posts for some of the prominent utilities of the Suite soon.

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